How much does services cost? 


Rates are hourly and the total price of your party will depend on the duration. Discount will be offered for all day events (4hrs+), block bookings and non-profit making organisations. Other serivce may need an other quotation by project.

How early do I need to book?


At least 4 weeks before event date is adviced to avoid disappointment of your preferred date may already be taken by another customer. 

Last minute bookings will be accepted at no addional charge subject to availability.

Other services may need longer time on production.

How many children can you serve per hour? 


Face Painting:  Simple Pattern 1-3mins ; Quality Full Faces Painting 3-10 for kids, 10-15mins for adults

Henna Arts: Simple Pattern 1-3mins, Bigger Pattern 3mins up for kidsa & adults.

Spray Temporary Tattoo: 1-3min

Party Nail Arts: 3-5mins

Simple & complicated designs are showed in the catalog on site for guests choosing. 




Can anybody be appiled? 


Not recommended for guests with problem skin, coldsores, eye infections or severe illnesses (flu / chickenpox etc) avoid application . Wound(s) area will be when avioded application. 

Favism and Plants Sensitive Person is NOT suggested to use Henna.


We will help remove the application immdiately if unfortable reported by guests.


What paints do you use ? 


Face paintsSpray Tattoo Paints are water base, non toxtic,  all inported from USA, United Kingdom, Netherland & Taiwan. Suitable for sensitive skin. Paints have anti-bacterial properties to prevent transfer of contaminants. 

Henna powder is inported from India.  

Nail Arts: We use Paggy Paints water base nontoxtic nail paints. 


Q & A


If you have any other questions, please use do not hesitate to contact us .

How clean is the equipment you use? 


Face Painting sponges are washed in a washing machine at 60′C with non-bio detergent. Fresh water nearby for cleaning burshes. 


Can I SMS / Wtapps / Line you? 


Of Course! Please include yoou name, booking date, time, location of your party & number of guests. I will reply asap. 


What do i need to provide for the artist?


A fair sized table and a couple of chairs. Standard sized furniture or kids furniture are also fine. Please let artist(s) know where the washroom / plump located.


How do i remove the appliaction?


Face paints & Spray Temporary Tattoo are very easy to remove with water & soap. water base or oil base makeup remover. Never scrub the skin as this may irritate and cause redness.

Henna - can be removed immediately. It will become ligher by days. 

Nail Arts: Put nails in the warm water and rub with cotton ball Or soak nails for 30 seconds with cotton ball with alcohol (fastest way).