Big Palette Party Set 派對套裝(大)

Big Palette Party Set 派對套裝(大)

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派對套裝(大) 60g

6色1盒(大) , 4 支彩繪掃 , 4個印模 , 1個海綿      

Big Palette Party Set 60g

1 Big Palette , 4 Brushes , 4 Stencils, 1 Sponages

  • Product Info 產品詳情

    面部 / 身體彩繪顏料



    1. 通過美國ASTM和歐盟CEEN-71及EU化妝品驗證。
    2. 先沾濕彩繪掃或海綿,再沾上顏料,就可畫上皮膚。
    3. 水性顏料,肥皂和水 / 卸妝液 / 身體乳液皆可去除。
    4. 彩繪顏料為化妝用品,可先在手背上試塗,確定不出現過敏,再應用到身體上。
    5. 顏料存放在乾燥的地方,避免陽光直射,建議保存期為1年。


    Face & body Painting Usage

    Non-toxic Neon Pigments, harmless to human body.


    1. Dip your brush or sponge in water, rub over the surface of the cake. and apply directly to skin.
    2. Aquacolor body paints are waterbase, removed by soap & water, makeup remover or body lotion.
    3. Store the paint covered in a dry area without direct sunlight. 
    4. Please apply the paints on the back of hand to determine no allergies occur and then applied to body.
    5. Products passed the United States ASTM and the European Union CEEN-71 and EU cosmetics validation

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